How to limit the responses in Microsoft Forms or send email on behalf of DL?

Hi All,

Today we will see how to limit the number of responses in Microsoft Forms aka Customer Voice.

We have a survey, and customer can fill and submit this survey.
But, Requirement is to allow only first 5 customer to reply not more than that.

So Before this brand new customer voice product, this feature was not available in Microsoft forms
But now, Microsoft has come up with really good options and helped many organization 🙂

Thank you Microsoft.

Step 1 : Login to Customer Voice

Step 2 : Click All Project and open any of the projects or create new.

Step 3 : Click on Send tab and click survey properties on left pane

Step 4 : Click Distribution Settings

Step 5 : Here comes all the gems

Allow only Organization people to respond ? Now its possible.

Restrict anonymous customer to respond ? Now its possible

Only one person per response, this was already there nothing new.

Allow Contact creation in CDS? You can restrict it as well.

*** Response Restriction is what we are looking for.
We can restrict customer to response based on date range by specifying the start date and end date,

We can even block totally, if we dont want any customer to respond.

or We can restrict for some number of response.
this is our requirement, if first 10 customer responded, we want to stop customer to fill the survey.

Want to restrict customer to respond after few days has passed of invite sent. we can do that as well.

Also one of the most demanded requirement was to allow distribution list as sender instead of, this is also possible now, just create distribution email channel and select the email address you want

Notification is also changed now.

Hope that helps.

Thanks you !

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