Some Important Facts About BPF

  • In Each stage, there should be at least one data step, for E.G if you have 5 data steps in one Stage, and if you try to delete any four it will allow, but for last remaining one it wont allow you to delete.
  • No Max limit of Draft BPF, But You can have only 10 Active BPF at a time.
  • A single BPF can have Max 5 different Entity, There is no limit to use same entity again and again.
  • Each stage can have one Entity, Cannot have multiple entity for same stage. but you can have multiple stage for Same Entity.
  • You cannot have more than 30 Stages per BPF.
  • Max 30 Data Steps for single Stage.
  • But if you keep adding more Stages, beyond the limit of 30 it will allow.
  • You will get Error for more than 30 stage while Saving or validating the BPF using Save or validate option.
  • This Error is generic, you have download the log file to know why it is failing, Check Following :
Canvas with more than 30 Stages
click Save or validate
It throws error, but you wont see its regarding Max stage count
Download Log File
CRM Exception trace will show you what error it is.
  • Connector option is only for Condition component.
  • BPF is same like Entity, BPF has all same options like we have for Entity (Form, Fields, Views, Relationships, dashboards).
  • First Stage is always for Primary entity in BPF, you cannot change Entity of first stage but you can change for next all other stages.
  • You cannot create custom forms for BPF entities.
  • You cannot change Stage Category once BPF is saved.

Some Question Answer you must know

What happen if you delete BPF?
>> It will delete Entity Created for that BPF, also all the related records.

What happen in background when we validate BPF?
>> System will create an custom entity
It will create fields in this Custom Entity, only those fields which are used on each stage plus some system default fields.
Only Main form for this Entity.
Default Views
Relationship with Primary Entity and all other Entities which are used in this BPF.
For Example : if stage 1 is created for account entity and stage 2 is for contact entity, This BPF solution will have N:1 Relationship for Both Entities.

What are Types for those Entities Relationship?
>> Primary Entity will be configurable cascading and rest other will be referential.

When this BPF Entity is created?
>> When you create BPF? – NO
When you save BPF? – NO
When you Validate BPF? – YES, When we validate BPF, it will create one BPF entity, all the same fields which we have used through out BPF stages.

What happen to existing records if BPF is Deleted?
Those records is also Deleted

What happen to existing records if BPF is disabled?
Those Records stays, when you open that record BPF will be in disabled state.

What is Ready to use BPF?
Ready to use BPF, is a system created BPF for some system entities.
Know more 
Note : Ready-to-use BPF is Deprecated, it will not be in CRM in upcoming major release.
Still to Add those BPF, you can find it in MS CRM App Source.

What if Field is not required on form but i still want user to add data for that field from BPF?
Setting that attribute as Required.

Can you add those fields which are not on the form?
Yes, Fields which are not on form can be added on BPF, Behind the scene, system will add those field on Client API Object Model or DOM but those will be hidden.

Can you add Direct JavaScript on BPF fields?
No way to add direct JavaScript on BPF fields, But JavaScript are added on field level, so if you have JavaScript on field and that field is on BPF, JavaScript function will be Triggered on both {Form and BPF stage}.

Can you add more options or remove options from Stage Category Option set?
Yes, its a Global Option set, you can edit options, remove existing or add more.

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